Passive House buildings World wide will be opening their doors:
Mid-year International Passive House Open Days - 28-30 June 2019
International Passive House Open Days - 8-10 November 2019
Come along to the first Certified Passive House Plus home in the Bay of Plenty. Come and experience the quiet, comfort benefits as well as the energy efficient savings of living in a Certified Passive House Plus home. Our goal was an affordable, low-maintenance family home. The 145 m2 (TFA = Treated Floor Area) two-storey house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a multi-function room downstairs, which variously serves as an office, spare bedroom and media room.

How many new home designers and/or builders can tell you what your heating demand, heating load and frequency of overheating will be from a scientifically proven method?
Heating Demand: 10.4 kWh/m2/year
Heating Load: 8.4W/m2
Frequency of Overheating: 3.6% year over 25°C

Contact Julie in for full details of opening times.